Your calling may be in a church, a classroom, a hospital or a neighborhood. It may be a full-time vocation or a volunteer position. Whatever your calling, wherever your calling, you are called to serve. Become equipped to serve at Calvin Theological Seminary: a community rooted in the Reformed tradition and committed to Biblical, holistic formation.



“Seminary done well is preparation for Christian ministry… It’s first and foremost about Christ in an especially focused way, and you can’t expect to get through it unscathed. Be ready to grow in your faith in ways you don’t find comfortable. Actually expect Christ to show up.”

Brandon Haan, MDiv student

“Calvin Seminary does not focus so much on giving students the answers as equipping them to discover the answers themselves. We provide students with the biblical, theological and pastoral tools so that no matter where they go in ministry they are equipped to discover answers that are faithful to scripture, honor the Reformed confessions and are pastorally wise.”
Dr. Weima, Professor of New Testament