Seminary Scholarships and Financial Aid

Don’t let finances hold you back—your Calvin Theological Seminary education is possible. We commit to helping you finance your ministry training, so, in turn, you are free to serve God’s expansive kingdom wherever your calling takes you.

Scholarships for Seminary Students

99% of Calvin Seminary Students Receive a Scholarship

Calvin Seminary's financial aid office awards almost $1.6 million in scholarships, grants, and subsidies each year. Our seminary students benefit from a network of support—families and individuals who care deeply about the mission of Calvin Seminary and who want to support the next generation of ministry leaders. Scholarships are financial gifts that reduce tuition and do not need to be repaid. 

Apply for a Seminary Scholarship for International Students, Women, and/or Racial & Ethnic Minorities

Calvin is proud to offer scholarships for women, racial and ethnic minorities, and international students. We have a wide variety of scholarships available to support our diverse student body.

How to Apply for Scholarships

You will be automatically considered for scholarships when you apply to Calvin Seminary.

Financial Aid

Need-Based Financial Aid for Qualifying Students 

At the time of your offer of admission to Calvin Seminary, you will receive a package outlining your grant and scholarship awards. Typically, these annual grants and scholarships will remain consistent for the full duration of your study at the seminary.  

Payment Plans for Seminary Tuition

Our team will work with you to create a payment plan, allowing you to budget for tuition costs over time. 

Debt-Free Graduation Is Possible

About 80% of first-level master degree students graduate without any new federal loan debt, and 60% incur no new debt of any kind.

Tuition Costs for 2024–2025 by Program

While Calvin Seminary is committed to keeping the cost of our theological and ministry education low, we are transparent about tuition and other expenses students should keep in mind. Knowing your costs is part of discerning if seminary education is right for you.

All students are charged on a per-credit basis. Below are the per-credit costs for this school year, along with an estimation of tuition costs for full-time students. All numbers USD. Note: Canadian students receive parity and are able to pay the same amount in CAD.

Estimating Costs

In addition to tuition costs, there are other expenses students should keep in mind. Below are documents to give students an idea of what these costs could be. These are estimations, and each student should consider their own circumstances.

More Ways Seminary Supports You

A campus tour is just one step in the journey to choosing the seminary that’s right for you. There are other factors to consider when choosing a seminary, such as:

Seminary Housing

For residential students, your on-campus experience is designed with student affordability in mind. Seminary housing is subsidized to keep costs lower than other options in Grand Rapids. All utilities are also bundled into student housing costs to make budgeting easier.

Financial Education Programs

Financial education programming is available to help students make smart financial decisions. Every student has the opportunity to meet with a financial counselor to plan for their costs during seminary.

Food and Clothing Resources on Campus

On-campus resources provide food, clothing, and other items at no cost for qualifying seminary students and their families. Learn more about the innovative Idema Food Pantry and Clothes Closet, hosted right here on campus.

External Financial Resources


The financial aid office also supports students through the distribution of loan funds. These options are for U.S. and Canadian students only, and often help bridge the gap for students as they look to make the numbers work.

Church Or Denomination Funds

Many prospective students are surprised to find that their local church has money in their budget for members to pursue theological education. Even if a budget line doesn't exist, it never hurts to ask! Besides the local church, often denominations or groups of regional churches (classes, presbyteries, etc) have funds for ministry-focused education.
If you are a church or classis looking to support a student from your region, more information can be found on the church resources page.

Part-Time Work

Though not included in financial aid packages, there is part-time work available for a limited number of residential students at Calvin Seminary, and in and around Grand Rapids. Residential students may find opportunities to serve in the admissions or development office. In addition, there are often preaching opportunities available to eligible students. For distance hybrid and fully online students, programs are designed to fit into your lifestyle, and work around your current job.

Other Scholarship Sources

Besides Calvin Seminary scholarships, many church and ministry organizations award scholarships to aspiring and current seminary students. Past students have found these funds in a variety of ways, mostly through word-of-mouth, publications, and internet searches. Keep your eyes open for these opportunities.

Students Receiving Military Benefits

Stipulations regarding fines, penalties, late fees, and denial of services for students receiving military benefits:

As stipulated by law, Calvin Theological Seminary will not impose any type of fine, penalty, late fee, or denial of services due solely to a delayed payment process at the federal level for any student receiving military benefits.

A student planning to receive military benefits must have submitted the proper documentation to the Calvin Theological Seminary financial aid office before we will suspend or remove any applied penalties, late fees, etc. This policy applies to any student receiving educational assistance under Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, Chapter 33, or Post 9/11 GI Bill* benefits. Additional information is available on the Title 38 United States Code Sections 3679(e) School Compliance Form.

If the student has remaining obligations to Calvin Seminary after the application of any/all military benefits, the student is responsible for making satisfactory arrangements for any/all remaining obligations within the proposed time frame applicable to Calvin Seminary students.

*“GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

Frequently Asked Questions

Get in Touch with Our Financial Aid Director

One of Calvin Seminary’s biggest differentiators from other schools is our personal attention to each student. For example, Director of Financial Aid Jennifer Settergren is available to take your questions via email, or you can set up a call today!