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Who We Are

Calvin Theological Seminary is a Reformed seminary that is globally recognized for its theological richness.

Calvin Theological Seminary embraces a holistic form of education that attends to the character, spiritual, and vocational formation of students.


  • Sermons

    Jeff Weima on the Spirit Speaking to the Church in the Letters of Revelation --

    The seven sermons of Revelation 2 and 3 are far more than just a prologue to the apocalyptic vision of the remainder of the book. Despite t...

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  • IMG 9654

    Medenblog: Give them a break!

    One of the privileges of serving as President of Calvin Theological Seminary is that you meet with a lot of pastors and a lot of congregatio...

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  • Kaemingk

    Cory Willson and Matthew Kaemingk on Work and Worship --

    The gap between Sunday and Monday often feels wider than it looks on a calendar. Many Christians struggle to connect their worship with thei...

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