Institute for Mission, Church, and Culture (IMCC)

IMCC Overview

The Institute for Mission, Church, and Culture (IMCC) at Calvin Theological Seminary creates and curates actionable theology and missiology for Christian communities seeking to faithfully participate in God’s mission in the world. The vitality and faithfulness of the church as an institution and organism depends upon its faithfulness to God’s mission and work in the world. In pursuit of this mission IMCC exists to help churches and organizations do the following:

  • Faithfully exegete and engage their social context.
  • Cultivate the priesthood of all believers for public witness (daily work)
  • Equip Christians to inhabit the multifaith public square as artisans of God’s shalom
  • Birth & nurture missional communities

A message from Cory

It has been said that mission is the mother of theology. Seminaries work best when they direct their energies towards supporting congregations to participate in God’s mission in the world. The resources provided on this website derive from listening to the pressing challenges congregations and Christian leaders regularly encounter and from collaborative efforts between churches and scholars. We invite you to join the conversations by sending us your reflections on these resources and informing us of the pressing issues facing your community.


Cory Willson

Jake and Betsy Tuls Professor of Missiology, World Christianity, and Public Theology


Ministry resources and websites keep abounding. What we offer on this website are resources that either derive from or speak directly to the needs and issues identified in conversations within the local churches and communities in North America and around the world.


Learn from the institute and its scholars through recent blog posts and videos.

The Priesthood of All Believers

Do auto shop teachers and principals and dental office secretaries have a place on God’s mission map? In this video, institute director and Calvin Theological Seminary professor Cory B. Willson…


What’s in a name? Rebranding IGCPR

This fall we are excited to announce the change we’ve worked on over spring and summer 2022—a chance to realign our name with our focus, equipping the priesthood of all…


Theology for All Spheres

How does theology fit into your work and calling? Institute director and Calvin Theological Seminary professor Cory B. Willson reflects on how theological education can prepare students in every sphere…



Welcome to the Theology from the Road Podcast where we host conversations with Christians who seeking to engage critical issues in society in light of God’s mission. In each episode, Cory Willson engages with a different guest about matters related to God’s mission, the church, and the holistic witness of the Christians in the public square.

Danjuma G. Gibson on How to Read Biographies for Deep Transformation

Our common practices of learning in the church and university privilege cognition over affect and leave the posture of the learner as “detached observer” unchallenged. Neutrality is typically seen as a virtue while personal investment in the subject of study is discouraged. This is true even when reading biographies and history. But what if this approach inhibits deeper knowledge and transformation of the leaner? How might this subject-object approach to reading malform our humanity by circumventing emotions, empathy, and personal involvement? 


Mariano Avila On Reading Scripture and Being Read By Scripture

In this episode we listen in to the debut of the new Theology from the Road Podcast from the Institute for Global Church Planting and Renewal. Cory Willson talks with…


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