What’s in a name? Rebranding IGCPR

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August 22, 2022

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This fall we are excited to announce the change we’ve worked on over spring and summer 2022—a chance to realign our name with our focus, equipping the priesthood of all believers. The Institute for Global Church Planting and Renewal is now the Institute for Mission, Church, and Culture (IMCC).

We remain committed to the work of church renewal and planting but have fine tuned our mission and areas of emphasis to seek these realities by focusing on empowering the priesthood of all believers.

The Institute for Mission, Church and Culture (IMCC) at Calvin Theological Seminary creates and curates actionable theology and missiology for Christian communities seeking to faithfully participate in God’s mission in the world. The vitality and faithfulness of the church as an institution and organism depends upon its faithfulness to God’s mission and work in the world.

In pursuit of this mission IMCC exists to help churches and organizations do the following:

  • Faithfully exegete and engage their social context
  • Cultivate the priesthood of all believers for public witness (daily work)
  • Equip Christians to inhabit the multifaith public square as artisans of God’s shalom
  • Birth & nurture missional communities

We’re excited to have leading Christian scholar and Calvin Theological Seminary professor Cory B. Willson leading this institute. Look for more videos, podcasts, and blog posts into 2023 and beyond.

And you’re invited to join the conversation by sharing your own story of mission, church, and culture with us at cbwillson@calvinseminary.edu.


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