Photo of David Bardolph

David Bardolph


Phone: 616-957-8619
Photo of Mary Bardolph

Mary Bardolph

Program Administrator for the Center for Excellence in Preaching

Home Phone: 616-957-6016
Photo of Joan Beelen

Joan Beelen

Registrar and Academic Program Advisor

Phone: (616) 957-6027
Photo of Dawn Bierma

Dawn Bierma

Administrative Assistant to the Board of Trustees

Phone: (616) 957-6040
Photo of Nathan Bierma

Nathan Bierma

Educational Technologist

Phone: (616) 957-6020
Photo of Barbara Blackmore

Barbara Blackmore

Assistant to Dean of Students/International Student Advisor

Phone: (616) 957-6209
Photo of Daryl Boersema

Daryl S. Boersema

Technology Support Manager

Phone: (616) 957-6111
Photo of Carl Bosma

Carl J. Bosma

Associate Professor of Old Testament, Director of the Institute for Global Church Planting and Renewal

Phone: (616) 957-6022
Photo of Tim Bruinsma

Tim Bruinsma

Housing Manager

Phone: (616) 957-8618
Photo of Jinny Bult DeJong

Jinny Bult DeJong

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Phone: (616) 957-6046
Photo of Sarah Chun

Sarah Chun

Associate Dean of Students

Phone: (616) 957-6015
Photo of Carolyn De Neut

Carolyn De Neut

Executive Associate

Phone: (616) 957-6044
Photo of Alena De Young

Alena De Young

Admissions Counselor

Phone: (616) 957-6078
Photo of Karen DeYoung

Karen DeYoung

Human Resources and Payroll Manager

Phone: (616) 957-6097
Photo of Jessica Driesenga

Jessica Driesenga

Facing Your Future

Photo of Aaron Einfeld

Aaron Einfeld

Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management

Phone: (616) 957-7035
Photo of Jim Farman

Jim Farman

Facilities Maintenance Specialist

Cell Phone: (616) 450-5794
Photo of Ronald Feenstra

Ronald Feenstra

Academic Dean, Professor of Systematic and Philosophical Theology

Phone: (616) 957-7193
Photo of Paul Fields

Paul W. Fields

Theological Librarian

Phone: (616) 526-7041
Photo of Jean Garehan

Jean Garehan

Administrative Assistant for Development

Home Phone: 616-957-8602
Photo of Alvern Gelder

Alvern Gelder

Director of Mentored Ministries

Phone: (616) 957-6045
Photo of Darwin Glassford

Darwin Glassford

Director of MA Program, Professor of Church Education

Phone: (616) 957-6032
Photo of Scott Hoezee

Scott E. Hoezee

Director of the Center for Excellence in Preaching

Phone: (616) 957-6085
Photo of Debra Johnson

Debra Johnson

Accounts Payable Clerk

Phone: 616-957-8681
Photo of Chloe King

Chloe King

Administrative Assistant to the Faculty and Academic Office

Phone: (616) 957-6173
Photo of Bob Knoor

Bob Knoor

Director of Development

Phone: (616) 957-6039
Photo of Sara Krosschell

Sara Krosschell

Staff Accountant

Phone: 616-957-6098
Photo of James Lakin

James Lakin

Facilities Manager

Phone: 616-957-7107
Photo of Julius Medenblik

Julius Medenblik

President, Professor of Church Planting and Leadership

Phone: (616) 957-6044
Photo of Denise Mokma

Denise Mokma

Academic Office Administrative Assistant

Phone: (616) 957-6083
Photo of Connie Mulder

Connie Mulder

Administrative Assistant for Development

Phone: (616) 957-6091
Photo of Lugene Schemper

Lugene Schemper

Theological Librarian

Phone: (616) 526-6121
Photo of Jennifer Settergren

Jennifer Settergren

Director of Financial Aid

Phone: 616-957-6675
Photo of Amanda Smartt

Amanda Smartt

Admissions Office Assistant / Reception

Phone: 616-957-7035
Photo of Mary Vanden Berg

Mary L. Vanden Berg

Associate Academic Dean, Director of the MTS Program, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

Phone: (616) 957-6021
Photo of Tom VanKeulen

Tom VanKeulen

Systems Integration and Development Manager

Phone: (616) 957-6111
Photo of Christy Wolff

Christy Wolff

Annual Fund Coordinator

Phone: (616) 957-6088
Photo of Christine Wright

Christine Wright

Mentored Ministries Office Administrative Coordinator

Home Phone: 616-957-6064