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July 1, 2023

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The world-class teaching of Calvin Theological Seminary is not just available through degree and certificate programs—it is also available through convenient, online seminary classes! Join us for one or several stand-alone courses to further your theological education through asynchronous learning. These are opportunities for personal and professional development, and are not credited courses that work toward a degree.

Note: If you are looking for credited courses outside of a degree program, OR auditing a course that would normally be credited, we offer these opportunities as well! Please email for more information. However, the rest of this post will refer specifically to our asynchronous, self-guided courses.

1. Set Your Own Pace

The asynchronous style of these stand-alone classes allows students to pursue a higher level of theological education on their own terms. You simply log in to complete required work and readings at your own pace, without having to maintain a set weekly schedule with a professor or classmates.

2. Take a Seminary Course Without Pursuing a Degree

For those who have already earned a seminary degree, or for others who are not interested in pursuing a seminary degree, stand-alone courses offer a great way to engage with certain seminary topics.

Can You Take Online Seminary Courses Without a Degree?

Yes, these self-guided online courses are a great way for anyone, with or without a degree, to learn about the theological and biblical topics that most interest you.

3. Focus on the Topics That Interest You Most

When you study through asynchronous seminary classes at Calvin, you will have the following options to choose from. Pick one or two courses to begin with, and you may find yourself wanting to engage with them all!

  • Bible Overview: Online Bible courses such as this one are offered by seminaries across North America and the globe to give students a basic overview of Scripture. What makes CTS’ Bible Overview course stand out? It uses a Reformed view of creation, fall, and redemption; it is engaging and eye-opening; and it can be completed in about 15 hours total, completely at your own learning pace.
  • Bible Survey: The Bible Survey course at CTS takes your study of Scripture a step further with a Christological perspective on the Word of God. Watch engaging video instruction and learn how every book of the Bible points to Jesus. This course is helpful for biblical study, evangelism, and growing in your faith.
  • Christian Reformed Church Polity: Are you new to the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA)? Newly appointed to a CRCNA leadership role? Or simply curious about the denomination and how it operates? This course offers a host of materials to help you understand polity in the CRCNA. You can also use discussion boards to talk with others, or message your professor directly to go over questions about church order.
  • Digital Bible Tools: Welcome to a course designed to help you make the most of studying Scripture in a digital world. You’ll be able to explore new resources that can deepen your study and understanding of Scripture. This course is ideal for preachers and teachers, or anyone who wants to be introduced to new digital Bible study tools.
  • Foundations: Creeds and Reformed Confessions: Reformed theology can be more deeply understood with the help of the creeds (Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, and Athanasian Creed), confessions (Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of Dort), and contemporary testimonies and declarations (Contemporary Testimony, Belhar Confession). Let this course guide you through these documents, their histories, and their meanings.
  • Hebrew Fundamentals: Learn the basics of the Hebrew alphabet and pronunciation all in one place. This course is designed to help beginners understand the Hebrew language to aid in the reading and comprehension of Old Testament texts. You will be treated to a host of resources including instructional videos, lesson summaries, vocabulary audio files, guided exercises and labs, and quizzes.

4. Get Seminary-Level Education at an Affordable Cost

Stand-alone courses like these make quality theological education widely accessible to the general public. One way that CTS keeps these courses accessible is by offering them at an affordable price point. Each course is available for $135 and includes a year of access.

Benefits of Seminary Resources

If you’re looking for resources that are excellent, flexible, and affordable, choose from CTS’ offerings.

  • Excellent: These stand-alone courses are taught and put together by top scholars from our seminary. You will be able to email CTS professors if you have questions or would like to talk further about the subjects you’re studying.
  • Flexible: Log on, complete readings, and view video instruction at your own pace. You can plan your studies around your unique schedule.
  • Affordable: For only $135 per course, you will have 365 days of access to your course materials. That’s only 37 cents a day!

5. Learn & Grow in Community

You may choose to take your course at the same time as other employees at your workplace, friends at church, or members of your small group. In this way, you can work through the coursework with others who will encourage you and share their insights.

You will also be supported by CTS faculty who are happy to take your questions and discuss course material.


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