The Mission of the Church

Within the overall curriculum design of the DMin program, the vision for this course on the Mission of God is to expose students to the depth and breadth of the gospel and of God’s mission in the world–a mission that extends beyond Sunday mornings, ordained ministry, and the four walls of the church. Many of you play a pastoral role within the local church and work in another vocational context in the public square. For those primarily serving within church contexts, it is important that we keep our vision of the church and pastoral leadership firmly anchored in the broader vision of God’s mission that animated Christ’s own identity and mission. This identity and mission were imparted to the disciples and the church and compels us to reflect on God’s purposes for all facets of human life in society. For those whose vocational context includes the public square (education, business, non-profits, civil service), the mission of God is just as important in guiding your imagination, actions, and work. This vision not only helps you grasp the meaning and purpose your work has in God’s economy, but it can also spark an imagination of how God intends for you and others to participate in his mission in and through your daily work. We will go about exploring this biblical vision of the mission of God and its vocational ramifications through the following learning goals.