Interpreting Culture and Ministry Context

This course introduces students to the process of exegeting culture and social contexts, and the correlating impact it has on individuals, churches, and the surrounding communities, all for the purpose of creating effective and appropriate and efficacious ministry. Attention will also be paid to the relationship between that exegetical findings of culture/ context and the personal development and role of the individual leader within that context. Through an interdisciplinary approach that engages dynamic leadership, practical theology, and qualitative research design, students will cultivate skills that give rise to ministry and leader development models that are informed by appropriate intersectional analysis, the diversity of voices and influences found in one’s ministry setting and context, and relevant biblical and practical theological reflection. Ultimately, effective pastoral leaders will learn the life-long craft of listening to and evaluating their environment and the work of the Holy Spirit within them for the sake of advancing the Kingdom. Because this course is a seminar and inductive in nature, doctoral students are required to come with significant data from their own ministry context to contribute to this curated conversation.