Evangelism & Discipleship Skills

This course focuses on the practical skills needed to share the good news of Jesus and to make disciples who reflect in word, deed and lifestyle the gospel of the kingdom. It examines the biblical teachings about the nature, beauty, power and glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the diverse ways in which this message is received “good news” to those who receive it. The course equips students to minister effectively in diverse cultural, ethnic and socio-economic settings. Throughout the course students engage in discipleship practices that involve their head, heart, and hands. This holistic approach to formation corresponds to the cosmic breadth of the gospel which addresses our relationships to God, self, others, and the created world. Emphasis will be placed on discerning God’s presence amidst the joys and sorrows, beauty and injustices of the social contexts in which they live and serve. They learn how to first be a guest and learner rather than to take on the role of host or savior of the community. As they grown in self-awareness, cultural humility and intelligence students will learn how to submit to the sanctifying work of the Spirit who works in them and through them to bring the good news of God’s shalom in Jesus.