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July 10, 2024

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Academic Services Coordinator

I am the Academic Services Coordinator in the Academic Office at Calvin Theological Seminary. My journey here includes a B.A. in English/ Secondary Education, an M.Ed. in Curriculum, teaching for 18 years, working as a writer and editor for a church denomination, and working in accounting (with my English degree!) at a trucking company.

I love being back in academia (but without the grading!). I enjoy getting to know the students and helping them enroll in courses. I have loved the challenge of learning how to make the course schedule, run reports, or do any of the other many tasks I get to do. Mostly, I have loved the community of Calvin Theological Seminary.

My favorite part of this position is that I am part of Calvin Theological Seminary’s mission, where we “form church leaders who cultivate communities of disciples of Jesus Christ.” Knowing that I have a small part in that mission, even just enrolling students and performing other Academic Office tasks, makes my work less like “work” and more of a joy-filled calling


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