Reference for Applicant

An applicant to Calvin Theological Seminary has requested that you complete this form as part of their application to the seminary.

Please fill in the requested information and submit as soon as possible. Because the timing of admissions for this applicant is dependent on all the pieces of the application for admissions, we would encourage you to turn in this form promptly with that in mind. If you have any questions regarding this form or the application process, please contact the Admissions Office.

Application: Recommendation Form

Recommendation Form

Your Details

Academic Evaluation

Speech Ability: Please rate the applicant's speech ability.
Writing Ability: Please rate the applicant's writing ability.
Academic Ability: What is your overall assessment of the applicant's academic ability?

Character Insights

Character Insights (MCMHC)

Church Leadership Recommendation

Calvin Theological Seminary values the insight of those who are in leadership roles in the local church in preparing this recommendation. In fact, the support of the church is a critical factor we consider when making an admissions decision. We suggest that the leadership meet with the applicant prior to completing this form if you find that such a meeting would be helpful. Calvin Seminary also wishes to encourage you to continue in an active and supportive relationship with the applicant should he or she be admitted for studies at Calvin Theological Seminary.

Length of Membership: How long has the applicant been a member of your church?
Is the applicant in good standing in your church?
Church Involvement: Has the applicant held a leadership position (volunteer or paid) in your church?
Other Church Service: Are there other ways the applicant has been involved in the church?
Qualifications for Ministry: Do you, the church council, judge that the applicant has personal qualifications and gifts for ministry, and do you recommend the applicant for pursuit of Gospel ministry?

Overall Recommendation

Overall Recommendation: Do you recommend this applicant for admission to Calvin Theological Seminary?