Preaching Conference – Spring 2013


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Preview Day – March 22, 2013


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Church at Work


Many articles and books make the judgment that the church is “not working” or is “out of touch”. I have the privilege of visiting a number of churches and I want to share a story about seeing a church (actually two churches) at work. Maranatha CRC is located in Cambridge, Ontario. This church was organized in 1958 and experienced growth initially due to migration and … [Read more...]

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Boomerang Wisdom


I write this Medenblog as the United States sits on a fiscal cliff.  (On January 1, the United States avoided this particular cliff, but there will probably be another one in the near future.)  There is enough “blame” to go around at the fiscal cliff, but is there enough “wisdom” to see beyond and beneath the cliff? Michael Lewis is the best-selling author of Moneyball, … [Read more...]



Broken.  Newtown, Connecticut is broken.  Families are broken.  Sandy Hook Elementary School is broken.  We are broken. In this Advent Season, the plans of many for a simple celebration of Christmas have been drastically altered.  This past Sunday, I sat in a church where songs were sung and prayers were prayed and words were spoken in an attempt to frame tragedy and … [Read more...]

The Value of “Compromise”


Compromise.  What is your immediate reaction to this word?  Does your heart rejoice or sink at the thought of needing to compromise?  Compromise seems similar to being “luke-warm” and we wonder if it would be better to be hot or cold. At the Edge of the Precipice:  Henry Clay and the Compromise that Saved the Union by Robert V. Remini is a book that challenges our … [Read more...]

Covenantal Continuing Education


Lawyers do it. Doctors do it. Accountants do it. Auto-mechanics do it. All of them participate in mandated continuing education or additional certification. We can list other fields of learning where it is expected that those in the field know they will need to continue to learn to “keep up” and to be effective. Why not pastors? A few years ago, Calvin Theological … [Read more...]

Job Opening: Professor of Old Testament

Job Opening

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