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March 25, 2023

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Published by Annie Mas-Smith

Calvin Seminary is a place where future ministry leaders are equipped to shape future disciples. This often happens through conventional degree programs. But Calvin Seminary is also seen as a hub of reformed Christian thought, a place where thought-leaders from all over the world come to learn and grow as scholars.

The Visiting Scholar Program makes a way for these thought-leaders to spend time on campus and benefit from the strong scholarship and comprehensive academic resources. This semester, Calvin Seminary welcomed six students (and in some cases, their families) for a time of focused scholarship and learning. These scholars are also sought out to help teach and research, allowing for mutual learning to occur.

2022-2023 Scholars Coming Soon

Previous Scholars


Home: South Korea, Seoul
Missionary, Pastor, Professor
Education: Doctor Of Ministry From Fuller Theological Seminary, 2008

Academic Background:

My DMin dissertation is titled “The Issue of the Messianic/ Millennial Kingdom in Islamic Context.” Since then, I’ve written articles in Korean as a research professor of Asia Center for Theology and Mission.

Currently, I’m working on publishing a book titled: “A Comparative Study Between Bible and Quran on Death and Resurrection.” After completion, I wish to return to my ministry in the Middle East.

Personal Life:

I’m married to Eun-Sook Kim, and we have three children. They are my eldest son, Dahoon, who just got married; my other son David and my daughter Dahee.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and playing Ping Pong with my wife.


  • Israel/Palestine and the Middle East
  • Bible and Quran
  • The Issue of the Millennial Kingdom


Home: South Korea, Busan
Missionary To Central Asia For 16 Years. WEC International (Formal Branch Leader)
Education: Doctor Of Intercultural Studies From Fuller Theological Seminary, 2016

Academic Background:

Through my teaching ministry experiences and interactions with both locals and expats, I recognize a need for further research about Church & Mission history and personal reflection. I want to pursue a historical research about the relationship between the Reformer’s understanding of Mission and impact of World Mission in reformation.

After completion of my visit, I want to continue to facilitate local church leaders and students in Central Asia with my research outcomes.

Personal Life:

I’m married to Eunjung Kim, we have two children. My daughter, Sooa, is studying accounting at Calvin University. My Son, Joseph, attends South Christian High School.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking with my wife and playing tennis.


  • Central Asia
  • Multicultural church planting team
  • Church planting among Muslims in central Asia
  • Leadership training


Home: South Korea, Seoul
Missionary In India For 16 Years Senior, Pastor At Chennai Korean Presbyterian, Church Director Of Cornerstone Pastoral Academy
Education: Doctor Of Philosophy In Comparative Religion And Indian Philosophy From University Of Madras, India, 2017

Academic Background:

I belong to the Presbyterian Church of Korea and have been serving India as a missionary for 16 years. As a scholar, I have been exploring Indian religions,especially Hinduism and Jainism. I am taking a sabbatical year in CTS to deepen my understanding of Asian studies and missionary perspective to further extend my ministry.

During my time here, I want to write a book on Indian religions and culture to enhance Korean’s understanding of the Indian culture, religions, and Vedic terminologies.

Personal Life:

My wife, Sangmi Yang,is staying here with me, and our daughter, Daeun, attends high school in Himalaya, India.

I enjoy early morning prayer, reading and playing tennis.


  • Pastoral ministry and church planting
  • Developing local church leadership
  • Indian religions and culture
  • Indian Christianity and contextualization


Home: Indonesia, Jakarta
Missionary, Pastor, Professor
Education: Doctor Of Missiology Reformed Theological Seminary, 1997

Academic Goals:

My main purpose of visiting is to do a concise research and to write a book entitled, “Mentoring Companionship: Together We Find Strength in God.”

Mentoring companionship is a relational-based mentoring in mutual trust, commitment, and humility to mentor each other and to hold each other accountable.

Personal Life:

My wife, Junior Ibrahim, was a formal primary school principal in Jakarta. We are blessed with two daughters, Chrisanty Victoria who teaches at a University in Jarkata; Eleosia Charista who works in Singapore as an animator.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton and interacting with people from different cultures.


  • Mentoring companionship
  • Church leadership and management
  • Cross cultural mission
  • Church planting


Home: Brazil, Londrina
Missionary, Pastor, Professor
Education: ThM, Calvin Theological Seminary, 1991; Doctor Of Philosophy In Systematic Theology From The University Of Aberdeen (Expected Completion In 2020)

Academic Goals:

I’m working on my Ph.D. dissertation titled “A Study on the Theology of Sanctification and the Semantics of Godliness in Early Modern Protestant Spirituality.”

Recently, I’ve become the coordinator for REDE at South American Theological Seminary, which is a missional institute, focusing on revitalization and sustainable development, addressing the immense need in theological formation, aging church, and superficial spirituality.

Personal Life:

I’m married to Dely since 1989, and we have two young adults: Alex and Aline.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, oil painting, biking, outdoor activities, going to the gym, motorcycles, chess, Netflix, PS4,and multicultural cuisine.


  • Leadership development
  • Church planting
  • Pastoral formation
  • Integration between theology and ministry


Home: South Korea, Busan
Education: Doctor Of Philosophy In Systematic Theology, Calvin Theological Seminary, 2015

Academic Goals:

I am interested in Augustine’s political theology, which is in The City of God. I want to analyze two modern scholars, Hannah Arendt and Jean Elshtain, comparing their understanding of Augustine’s ideas. I would like to apply the result to Korean society and churches.

And I also would like to explore Luther’s view of vocation. Luther used the term “calling” in relation to salvation, pastoral ministry, family, occupation, church office, special mission, and everyday life. His vocational ethics is correlated with his doctrine of justification, two kingdoms, and the “law and gospel.”

Personal Life:

I’m married to Sunghwa Joo, and we have one son (Seungbin, 12y.o.) and one daughter (Seungeon, 10y.o.).Currently, my wife is studying law at Michigan State University.

In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, tennis, and travel.


  • Augustine
  • Martin Luther
  • Youth Ministry
  • Coffee-making


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