Cory Willson Featured on “In All Things” Podcast

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April 30, 2021

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Published by Cory Willson

Jake and Betsy Tuls Professor of Missiology, World Christianity, and Public Theology

From the “In All Things” podcast from the Andreas Center at Dordt University:

On this episode of the podcast, we are joined by a guest host, Jeremy Perigo, and together we talk with Cory Willson about his new book (coauthored with Matthew Kaemingk) Work and Worship (Baker Academic). Our theme question: what does it mean to reconnect our worship to our work?

Among the topics we discuss:

  • If work and worship are meant to be connected, how did they get disconnected? What sort of theologies have fueled this divide, and how do we heal it?
  • Why is a focus on practices and rituals critical, rather than just having a good “theology of work”?
  • How do we bring out work into the place of worship, and how do we bring worship into our place of work?
  • Is there a hidden assumption that our work will always be meaningful and fulfilling? How do we include those whose experience of work is full of pain?
  • How has the Covid-19 pandemic shifted our understanding of gathered worship and gathered work?

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