Calvin Seminary Holds Online Chapel Service

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March 18, 2020

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Published by Annie Mas-Smith

President Medenblik Encourages Live-Streamers to See Where God is Turning Burdens into Blessings

Calvin Seminary always hosts chapel on Wednesdays.

But this wasn’t like other Wednesdays.

For the first time last week, Calvin Seminary held weekly chapel online. Chapel services have been recorded for a number of years, but this was the first one streamed live, allowing participants to “attend” the service in real time. Students, faculty, and staff accessed the service through Zoom, a popular video-meeting software.

The chapel, which was still held on-campus in the Calvin Seminary Chapel, had the same feel of a traditional service, complete with music, a welcome, and a message. Even the anticipated text remained the same, so fitting for this time: Matthew 6-19 -34, a portion from the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus reminds his listeners to not worry.

“Today is full of trouble and lament,” President Jul Medenblik plainly stated to his live-streaming congregation. But Medenblik reminds us that we still worship a creator who cares deeply about his creation, including humanity.

This live chapel was recorded and you can “attend” for yourself (see below). Stay tuned for future chapel services. To stay up to date on Calvin Seminary’s respond to COVID-19, visiting the Health and Safety Update Page.