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October 11, 2018

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Chair of the Board of Trustees 

A formal theological education is not for everyone—that’s for sure! Yet every follower of Jesus should be interested in theological education. As we experience life day by day, we see and learn the truth of God’s Word all around us. Why is there so much brokenness in the world? Why injustice? Why? Why? Why?

  In our life’s walk following Jesus, we are continually learning through the work and power of the Holy Spirit as we praise, pray, and read His Word. As 21st century disciples, we are all experiencing theological education in one way or another.

For some of us, God’s call is to really know the Bible and to use God-given gifts to teach and preach the Word regularly by leading worship in His body, the Church. For that person, Calvin Seminary is a literal godsend. It’s a place where students can dig deep into God’s Word in community with other students and be taught by insightful, wise faculty—professors who offer a diverse wealth of practical, real-life experiences.

For others of us, there is a deep desire to know the Bible better so we can work in our varied professions (homemaker, teacher, business person, part-time ministry leader, etc.) with more knowledge and focus on helping to transform society for Jesus. Calvin Seminary offers many certificate programs online and in residence that will help fill this need. The programs are even “stackable” so they could lead to a formal degree if desired. As a volunteer serving on the Board of Trustees from my calling in business, I am excited to recommend Calvin Seminary as a place that provides resources to help us fulfill Jesus’ command to spread His teaching and make disciples of all people. Whether as pastors or lay members of Christ’s Church, Calvin Seminary strengthens leaders to offer devoted hearts and keen minds for Kingdom service— to reach the world for Jesus. As I see it, THAT’S theological education at its best! Won’t you join us? 


By Sidney J. Jansma, JR.


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