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May 1, 2018

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In the extreme context of the American slavocracy, how do we account for the robust subjectivity and agency of Frederick Douglass? In an environment of extremity, where most contemporary psychological theory suggests the human spirit would be vanquished, how did Frederick Douglass emerge to become one of the most prolific thinkers of the 19th century? To address this question, this book engages in a psychoanalytic examination of Douglass’ autobiographies and reflects on the resulting psychodynamic, pastoral, and practical theological implications. 




In Calvin’s Political Theology and the Public Engagement of the Church, Matthew J. Tuininga explores a little appreciated dimension of John Calvin’s political thought, his two kingdoms theology, as a model for constructive Christian participation in liberal society. Widely misunderstood as a proto- political culture warrior, due in part to his often misinterpreted role in controversies over predestination and the heretic Servetus, Calvin articulated a thoughtful approach to public life rooted in his understanding of the gospel and its teaching concerning the kingdom of God. He staked his ministry in Geneva on his commitment to keeping the church distinct from the state, abandoning simplistic approaches that placed one above the other, while rejecting the temptations of sectarianism or separatism. This revealing analysis of Calvin’s vision offers timely guidance for Christians seeking a mode of faithful, respectful public engagement in democratic, pluralistic communities today. 



Tiffany Gosselink joined Calvin Theological Seminary in April 2018 as the part- time Administrative Assistant for the Certificate in Latino Ministry Program. She is a graduate of Calvin College where she majored in international development studies and minored in missions. Tiffany loves learning new languages and traveling. She is fluent in Spanish which she learned through her three summers in Guatemala and her semester abroad in Honduras. Tiffany hopes to do missions and community development work in Central America someday but is happy to get to do so in the U.S. through the Latino Ministry Program. Originally from Pella, IA, Tiffany moved back to Grand Rapids a few years ago. She has worked in the field of education in varying capacities and is very excited to be a part of the Calvin community again. Outside of work, Tiffany keeps herself busy tutoring, taking Wing Chun Kung Fu classes, and cross-stitching. 



Calvin Seminary welcomes Becky Impellizzeri to the Calvin Seminary community. In her new role as Admissions Office Project Coordinator, Becky helps with a number of initiatives related to admissions and communications. With over a decade of experience at Calvin College having worked in a variety of departments—including event services, student life, development, communications, and enrollment—Becky brings with her knowledge and skills that have already positively influenced the work of enrollment management here at Calvin Seminary.

Outside of work, Becky has a variety of interests and hobbies. She is a golfer and a baker. Becky is a television and movie savant, always ready to provide a suggestion for a good show to binge. She is also an award-winning costume maker. Becky, her husband Mike, and their two children attend LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church. Welcome to Calvin Seminary, Becky! 



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