OK Boomer: the generational diversity of the church

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May 1, 2020

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Published by Jul Medenblik


It was not long ago that I first heard this phrase: “OK Boomer!” I knew that it was not a compliment.

“OK Boomer” is a catchphrase that has gained popularity among young people to dismiss attitudes usually attributed to the baby boomer generation – of which I am one!

Instead of fulfilling the vision of Psalm 145:4 where “one generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts” we have seen growing generational divides and “OK Boomer!” is a glimpse of such a divide.

Another example of this divide was the viral response to a young man who was on a Florida beach during Spring Break who didn’t seem to care about the danger to himself and others of large gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic (He later apologized for his words).

We should note that some of those divides and the resulting language are the result of frustration. For example, some younger generations feel the blame or the consequences for what they perceive as the mistakes of prior generations that has resulted in overwhelming debt, environmental problems, and the erosion of morals – to name a few.

On top of these generational divides, we still experience hurt from our failure to understand and appreciate ethnic and cultural differences.

We (the Forum Editorial Committee) hope that the articles within this issue will help us bridge those differences and result in more appreciation and connection within the Body of Christ.

One suggestion that we make is to read these articles as a part of a group that contains people from different generations and cultures.

One of the articles that we are privileged to present is an edited version of Rev. Dr. Mary Hulst’s challenging presentation at Inspire 2019. What would happen if a church council read this with a group of young people at the church and decided to invest in conversation? I think we would be closer to the vision of Psalm 145:4.

The beauty and even shalom that comes to the Church that reflects a diversity of cultures and generations is something to pursue. So, please read. Please reflect and connect with someone else to go deeper!

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