MEET: Dr. Gabriela Tijerina-Pike, Director of Latino Ministries and Associate Professor of New Testament

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July 5, 2023

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Published by Calvin Seminary

Dr. Gabriela Tijerina-Pike is on a mission, and she’s no stranger to missional work. She has served as a missionary in the U.S., Costa Rica, and Mexico. She’s taught at schools in all three of these countries and online, drawing on her vast knowledge of the Bible, theology, and ministry. She has also blessed countless readers through her writing and editing work in Christian and devotional literature.

Joining the seminary’s community of scholars is a crowning blessing for Dr. Tijerina-Pike. “We know that through the years, God crowns us with his favors,” she explains. “I think one of his favors for me was the opportunity to gain higher education and faculty experience to eventually come to serve along with the team of staff and educators at CTS. Their passion for teaching sound doctrine accompanied by rigorous spiritual care for the training of ministers of the Word has led me to commit my best efforts to keep CTS classrooms filled with students.”

When she is not teaching, Dr, Tijerina-Pike and her husband, Sky, enjoy spending time outdoors, visiting family, and dreaming of future writing pursuits. The seminary community is already gaining wisdom and knowledge from Dr. Tijerina-Pike’s scholarship and experience.

“I expect to lay a solid foundation for Reformed theological education in Spanish,” she says. “I believe that, if the Lord does not come in the next 150 years, CTS could celebrate a 300-year anniversary with the addition of another hundred generations of Latino graduates that become ministers of the Word in Spanish: ministers that commit to the proclamation of the Gospel and persevere in the godly reformation of the Church around the world.”


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