MEET: Dr. Daniel Daley, Professor of New Testament

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July 5, 2023

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In an effort to find the right fit, Dr. Daniel Daley made a list of the kind of learning community he hoped to join:

— Where the Bible is taken seriously
— Where questions are encouraged
— Where students and faculty have the ability to probe the faith together in an encouraging environment

“I believe CTS is such a place,” he says.

As Professor of New Testament at CTS, he has wasted no time investing in the teaching and formation of ministry leaders.

“At CTS,” says Dr. Daley, “I am most excited about spending time with students, helping them along this stage of their faith journey, exploring the Scriptures together, and participating with Christ in the development of the next generation of church leaders.”

Prior to joining the seminary faculty, he completed a Ph.D. at Trinity College Dublin and a fellowship in biblical studies at the University of Leuven (Belgium).

“I hope to bring a conversational and relational approach to scholarship and classroom teaching,” he says. “I am coming out of 10 years in the academy, so I hope to bring fresh approaches and insights from the most recent research trends and developments into CTS’s thriving community of students and faculty.”

Before his doctoral work, Dr. Daley served in vocational ministry as a pastor in Nevada. Dr. Daley and his wife, Brennen, have three children, ages 18, 16, and 11. The family enjoys European travel, including visits to art museums and historical sites.

Whether he picks up literary fiction, nonfiction, nature writing, or poetry, Dr. Daley is always reading something new. And, as an avid sports fan, he spends most mornings with a cup of coffee, watching games from the previous night.


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