MEET: Amy Hwang, Admissions Communications Coordinator

Date Published

July 5, 2023

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Published by Calvin Seminary

I was born in Grand Rapids, MI, while my father attended CTS in the 1980s. Through CTS, God prepared him for his ministry as a theologian and pastor in South Korea. Through my father’s ministry, I have witnessed the impact of CTS and Reformed theology on the Korean Church. It gave me a deep appreciation for this institution and opportunity.

I am excited to be part of the team that shares with the world and the Church the vital role of CTS in faithfully preparing leaders who nurture disciples and serve the church. We can showcase our fantastic faculty and thought leaders to the world and share the distinguishing marks of what makes our denomination and seminary unique. In a broken and increasingly divided world, the Reformed Church, Reformed theologians/pastors, and Reformed theology matters more than ever.

I believe CTS is called to raise Reformed leaders who are biblically faithful and contextually effective in their ministry of the Word. It is my hope and prayer that prospective students will seek out CTS because of its rich Reformed heritage, and alums and donors will be excited to engage and continue to support CTS as their lifelong learning community.


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