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February 12, 2024

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Published by Jul Medenblik


Dear CTS Supporter:

It happened almost every time that I introduced myself as pastor of New Life Christian Reformed Church to a person who was unfamiliar with the denomination or the word “Reformed.”  

The question was asked, “What does it mean to be Reformed?”

I remember the variety of answers that I gave in response to that good question.  If a person came from a Presbyterian background, I might share how much we shared and were similar.

If they came from no church background, I spoke of Biblical themes like God’s unconditional grace and His care of the whole world including them (sometimes I even used the word “sovereignty”).

I hoped to give an answer that would communicate truth and connect with the person before me.

I also remember some people who found it difficult to know what it meant to be Reformed because in the past it had been presented as a private or restricted club or something that could not include them because they were from a different ethnic group.  

In a world where people are searching for identity and wondering where they can “belong,” we present as the central conversation for this Forum that key question: “What does it mean to be Reformed?”

You might hear answers that are familiar, but you might also hear other answers that expand your understanding and help you to see that the word “Reformed” is a big word and that there are a lot of accents that need to be heard and recognized.

As Calvin Theological Seminary looks ahead to celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2026 from when it first began in 1876, I invite you to explore what it means to be Reformed, because the answers that are offered help us to connect with one another and we hope bring glory to God and God alone!

In His Service With You,

Jul Medenblik




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