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May 1, 2019

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Gary Burge, Visiting Professor of New Testament, is working on two books, scheduled to be released later this year. Below, Burge describes these upcoming publications:

The New Testament in Seven Sentences
: “This book, being released by Intervarsity Press, is geared towards students and advanced laity. It outlines seven great ideas presented in the New Testament, which every thoughtful Christian should master.”

Practical Questions Students Ask:
“About four years ago, a friend (Dr. David Lauber) and I edited a book that outlined the major theological questions that always seem to come up in class. We titled it Theology Questions Everyone Asks. Students, laity, and pastors found it helpful and it is used by adult education classes. This second book uses the same format that addresses the personal questions students always seem to bring to us in private (e.g. vocation, marriage, wealth, community). It will likely be used as an orientation volume for college students in the U.S. that should be published in late summer or early fall.”



Cory Willson, the Jake and Betsy Tuls Assistant Professor of Missiology and Missional Ministry at Calvin Seminary, spent the 2018 Fall Semester on sabbatical. This change in schedule allowed him to travel to the Theological University in Kampen, Netherlands for six weeks as a visiting scholar. His full schedule included guest lecturing at the university, presenting a paper at the Neo-Calvinism and Europe Conference in Belgium, and participating in the retirement celebration of Cornelis van der Kooi from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands. In addition, Willson’s time in the Netherlands included working on a manuscript for an upcoming book for Baker Academic, focused on work, worship, and missions.



While pastoring in Iowa, Calvin Seminary’s Dean of Students, Jeff Sajdak, knew he and his colleagues needed supportive companions in order to flourish in ministry. Sajdak gathered monthly with seven colleagues to do spiritual direction together. The result was greater joy in ministry, clearer discernment, and healthier ministry practice. Sajdak’s new booklet, Group Spiritual Direction for Pastors (based on his D.Min thesis project) provides guidance for pastors and others to nurture spiritual companionship.

It’s available as a free download on the Christian Reformed Church Pastors’ Spiritual Vitality Toolkit at www.crcna.org/spe/pastors-spiritual-vitality-toolkit


CHRIS DINH, Controller

I was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan where I spent the first 18 years of my life. My family and I have spent a lot of time in and around west Michigan as Grand Rapids is the first place my family landed after leaving Vietnam in the late 1970s. I attended Western Michigan University where I studied accounting as an undergraduate and then returned for a master’s in business. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Ann Arbor and began working.

While working and living in Ann Arbor, I met my wife and we served faithfully together at a church for about 5 years. While serving at this church, my wife and I were given the opportunity to move to Grand Rapids to help with a church plant. While we were entirely content staying where we were at, we felt God calling us to come to Grand Rapids and help build His Kingdom.

We are excited to be here and enjoy all the things that Grand Rapids has to offer. I am so happy to have found Calvin Theological Seminary, and I cannot wait to build relationships with those of you in and around the seminary.


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