Millennials Want A Church That Talks About These Three Things

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November 17, 2021

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Published by Mary Hulst

Adjunct Professor

by Mary Hulst

As a university pastor working with many young adults, I’ve heard a consistent message from rising generations in the Church: Millennials are reluctant to attach to local congregations. Some of it is on them, and they own it. It’s easier to listen to a sermon on the drive into work than to drag yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning. It’s hard to walk into a church where you know no one. But there are deeper things. Harder things. In this season of my life the Lord has granted me a front row seat to see what He is up to in the lives of the next generations. They’re telling me they love Jesus, but they are skeptical when it comes to the church. And the most common reasons I hear for that skepticism fall into three categories: money, sex, and power.

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