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Testimonial by Roger & Sandy Alderink

Alderinks Why us?

50 years ago, with deep faith and a strong belief, we began our marriage and committed our lives to Christ through our love. Love brought us together and we knew that our future had to be built on a life of believing, trusting, worshiping and service to our Lord and Savior. Our experience was, with believing parents, that there were the strong roots of the Christian faith, CRC background, and Christian Schools. We asked God to give us the stamina to stay on course, the means to afford the cost and a legacy we could pass on to our children and grandchildren. As we look back on the 50 years, we have stumbled and fallen many times, but God has been faithful to us. He picked us up, forgave us, and blessed us with a believing family. Our belief today is to leave this world with a legacy that focuses on education; education in academics with a strong temperance in our lives of complete surrender to the Lord of our life, namely Jesus Christ our Savior. This will not happen unless we invest in leadership within our families and our Church. CTS is building leadership for our tomorrow, and the excitement on campus is contagious. The leadership is true to His direction so take your time, talent and treasure and become involved in today’s force for tomorrow’s leaders. This is why we belong to and support the CTS Presidents’ Legacy Society.

In His Service,
Roger & Sandy Alderink