The Self-Reflective Teacher in Christian Ministry

Six Questions to Re-invigorate Our Teaching John Witvliet It’s true for nurses, plumbers, seminary professors, and workers of all kinds: some of the most promising approaches to our work come to us after a day that didn’t go so well. As we walk or drive home, cook supper, and tuck our children in bed, we ponder how we could have done it better. Some of the best cures … [Read more...]

Formation for Ministry Isn’t Just for Seminarians

The New CTS Curriculum and Making Communities of Disciples David Rylaarsdam How do you form faith in a child? How do you teach young people to walk with the Lord? How do adults learn to grow up into Christ? And how do pastors help to mold all of these people? Countless conversations about teaching and learning took place as Calvin Seminary’s new Master of Divinity … [Read more...]