Weather Policy

The Seminary links its decision to close school due to inclement weather not only to Calvin College (upon whom we depend for open parking lots, sidewalks, etc.) but also to fellow colleges and graduate institutions such as Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Cornerstone University, and Aquinas College, and/or to state police bulletins that declare travel unsafe in Kent County.

In those rare circumstances when the campus must be closed, local radio and television stations will be so notified for regular reporting to the public. In the event of a delayed opening, a partial closing, or a full closing, staff member compensation shall be governed as circumstances dictate. Please see the human resources office for further information.

The Seminary may remain open during inclement weather, even when other institutions may be closed. School closure will be announced on Channel 8 television and the seminary website by 6:30 a.m. Students must be prudent in their decision whether to travel to campus when conditions are hazardous. Students who decide it would not be prudent for them to travel to campus due to inclement weather will not be penalized when not in class for that reason. Students should communicate their decision by email to the professor as soon as possible.