Visiting Ph.D. Students

The Ph.D. program welcomes those who are enrolled in other Ph.D. programs and wish to enroll in courses at Calvin Theological Seminary for one or more academic terms. The following policies apply:

1. Ph.D. students in other programs who wish to enroll as visiting Ph.D. students at Calvin Theological Seminary should submit the following information in order to apply:

a. a completed Ph.D. application form, including a statement of purpose for study at Calvin Theological Seminary,
b. a transcript of the student’s doctoral work in progress,
c. at least one letter of recommendation from the student’s current faculty adviser and/or director of doctoral studies,
d. application fee of $25.00 which is the same as for regular applicants,
e. applicants for visiting Ph.D. student should indicate on the application the results of scores on standardized tests, but need not submit official copies of such tests.

2. Visiting Ph.D. students shall have full campus privileges and permission to audit or take for credit any courses offered at Calvin Theological Seminary.

3. Visiting Ph.D. students shall be charged a fee equal to one-sixth of the current annual Ph.D. tuition charge for each course taken for credit. They shall be charged the current auditing fee for courses audited.

4. The Graduate Studies Committee has the right to grant a tuition scholarship of up to half of the tuition charge (excluding auditing fees) for visiting Ph.D. students. Although visiting Ph.D. students may apply to live in seminary housing, they are not eligible for Ph.D. living stipends or rental subsidies.

5. Like all other students, visiting Ph.D. students shall be responsible for maintaining health insurance for themselves and their dependents.