Student Records

The seminary keeps academic and, in the case of M.A. and M.Div. students, Mentored Ministry files until five years after the student’s graduation. In the case of candidacy applicants, the CTS candidacy committee assembles a file. Students and candidacy applicants have the right to review these files in the presence of the administrative assistant, upon request of the administrative officer responsible for maintaining the respective file. In the case of students to whom concerns have been communicated verbally or in writing, it is advised that they consult these files; it is the student’s responsibility to know what these files contain and to address concerns documented in them.

Policy for Access to Student Records
  1. With reference to the faculty and authorized staff:
    1. The faculty, Registrar, Director of Admissions, and authorized staff shall have free access to all materials as needed.
    2. Student files will be signed out and will be returned to the academic office as soon as possible if their use cannot be completed in the academic office. They shall not be left exposed for others to see and use.
  2. With reference to the board of trustees:
    1. The board of trustees receives the admission profile of the student.
    2. Ordinarily the materials on the basis of which the admission profile and candidacy recommendation are written shall be available to the board of trustees. The psychological report shall be provided only upon specific request of the board and with the written consent of the student.
    3. The president or the Academic Dean shall determine when and under what conditions other materials are released to the board.
    4. With the student’s permission all materials in his or her file may be released to the board.
    5. In case of an appeal to the board by the student it is understood that the administration is authorized to release any and all materials necessary from the student’s file to the board.
    6. Student files shall be open to all board of trustees members who serve on the candidacy committee. The use of this information will be limited to their function on this committee.
  3. With reference to the student:
    1. Academic transcripts are only sent with the student’s knowledge and written permission.
    2. All correspondence is open to the student.
    3. Psychological Assessment: This report may be reviewed by the student in the presence of his or her Mentored Ministry leader.
    4. Recommendations for admission are used to prepare the student’s admission profile. If a student waives their right to view recommendations, they will at no time have access to the recommendations. Students may view other parts of their application in the presence of the Registrar.
    5. Seminary Counselors’ Reports: The student shall have access to these reports.
  4. General:
    1. The student’s file is confidential and except where permitted and/or requested by the student is not released to others outside the seminary.
    2. In submitting and soliciting material for admission and other requirements the student must understand and agree to the policy outlined in this statement of policy.