Medical Insurance Coverage and Immunization

1. Medical Insurance Coverage

To ensure that students are able to obtain necessary medical care, Calvin Seminary requires minimum health insurance coverage for students and their dependents. Students must show proof of insurance for themselves and their dependents at the time of registration by signing the waiver form indicating that they have coverage similar to that provided by SemCare (Seminary Insurance) or by enrolling in SemCare. .

Group accident and health insurance for single and married students, with their families, is available at favorable rates through the dean of students office. Under no circumstances can or will the seminary assume responsibility for medical expenses incurred by students or their dependents.

(Faculty Minute #4719.a, 10/06/95)
Note: A few over-the-counter medications are available if you have need of such while in the seminary building. The items available usually include: Aspirin, Tylenol, Excedrin, TUMS, cold tablets, Pepto Bismo tablets, Bandaids, antibiotic ointment, cough drops.
2. Immunizations

The following immunizations are strongly recommended for all Calvin Seminary students and their dependents:

  • Infant Series DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus)
  • Tetanus booster (within the last 10 years)
  • Polio Series
  • 2 MMR’s (measles, mumps, and rubella)
  • Hepatitis B Series (series of 3 shots)
  • Chicken pox (anyone older than 12 who has not had chicken pox needs 2 doses of vercilla vaccine; anyone younger than 12 who has not had chicken pox needs 1 dose)
  • TB Skin Test

Not as urgent, but also recommended are:

  • Meningitis Vaccine
  • Flu Shot

Students or dependents who have immunization deficiencies should get the needed immunizations preferably before they come to Calvin Seminary, and if that is not possible, as soon as possible after they arrive.