Independent Studies

The following procedure will be used for Independent Studies: *

  1. If a student is interested in an Independent Study, s/he will download the form from the website and ask a professor to direct the study. The professor and student discuss the course bibliography and requirements. The student and professor sign the form and submit it to the Academic Office for registration.
  2. The student and professor agree on a deadline for completing the independent study. In order to pass the course, the students must meet this deadline.
  3. The Academic Office records the name of the student, topic of the study, and the name of the Professor, and registers the student. The Academic Office posts a list of Independent Studies, so that other students who might be interested in the same Independent Study may talk to the Registrar and professor.

* Applies only to First Degree students. ThM students should download the appropriate form from theĀ Registrar’s Office page.