It is within the discretion of the instructor, upon request from the student for acceptable reasons, to extend the final due date for course work by three week days.

The student may receive a further extension of one calendar month and a grade of “incomplete” only when the instructor of that course has approved and a signed a contract (doc) by the last day of exams. All contracts for incompletes are reported to the Admissions & Standards committee.

A contract must include the nature of the request, the new due date for all work (not more than 30 after the last day of exams), and the grounds for the extension. Acceptable reasons are limited to unusual considerations such as illness, hardship, or emergency. Verification may be required. Failure to fulfill a contract will ordinarily result in a grade of “F.”

Th.M. students must defend their thesis by April 20 in the spring that they intend to graduate.