Health Insurance

To ensure that students are able to obtain necessary medical care, Calvin Seminary requires minimum health insurance coverage for students and their dependents. SemCare, a plan designed for seminary students, provides year round coverage at reasonable cost. SemCare rates for the 2013-2014 school year are as follows:

Student Only $1,608.00 $804.00 $804.00
Spouse Only $4,947.00 $2,474.00 $2,474.00
Each Child $2,212.00 $1,106.00 $1,106.00


To apply for SemCare access the Collegiate Insurance Resources (CIR) website. For answers to insurance questions, contact CIR at 800-322-9901.

Any student, research scholar or professor (exchange visitors) who is here on a J-1 visa is required to have medical insurance in effect for themselves and any dependents for the duration of their exchange program. At a minimum, insurance coverage shall include: (1) medical benefits of at least U.S.D. $50,000 per person per accident or illness; (2) repatriation of remains in the amount of U.S.D. $7,500 and (3) expenses associated with medical evacuation in the amount of U.S.D. $10,000. Your policy should not have a deductible that exceeds U.S.D. $500 per accident or illness. Calvin Seminary SemCare provides this coverage.

Students must give the insurance information for themselves and their dependents when they register for their classes.Detailed up-to-date information is available by contacting the International Student Advisor at (616) 957-6015.

Students may enroll in other insurance plans, but must purchase coverage that is similar to that provided by SemCare. For students with F-1 or J-1 nonimmigrant status public health benefits such as Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) do not qualify as primary insurance coverage. A requirement for obtaining and maintaining F-1 or J-1 status is that the students are able to provide shelter, food, clothing and health care for themselves and their dependents.

The acceptance of public health benefits can be interpreted as a declaration that the student is not able to meet his or her financial obligations and therefore jeopardize his or her status as a nonimmigrant student.

Detailed up-to-date information is available by contacting the International Student Advisor at (616) 957-6015.