Course Requirements

Regular class attendance is expected in every course. Absence from class for a legitimate reason will be excused by the professor concerned if reported promptly to him or her. When a student’s absence from the campus is necessitated by illness or some other cause, he or she is expected to notify the Academic Office promptly of such absence and its cause. In order to receive credit the student must complete all the requirements for courses such as mid-term tests, papers, and examinations. Final examinations are required in most core courses and are optional within the discretion of the professor in elective courses.

Take-home examinations may be given in core courses at the discretion of the professor; however, these shall be distributed and returned within a twenty-four hour period.

All out-of-class work, such as papers and reading reports, is due on the date set by the instructor in each course. In no case will this date be later than the last day of the semester. The penalty for late work submitted within the semester shall be determined and administered by the instructor.

Students who wish to be employed during their studies should take their course load expectations into consideration. As a general guideline students should expect to devote approximately 10 hours per week for each three-hour semester course. If a student is taking a semester load of 15 hours, 50 hours of course work per week should be factored into the planning for extracurricular jobs.