Course Evaluation Process

1. Course Evaluation Administration
Course evaluations will be administered online for all courses, including core and electives, in all degree programs, and participation of students will be required. IT will send email reminders and/or website pop-ups to notify students of the window for participation and deadline after which a late fee will be assessed.

Course evaluations will all use the same form, except for the Mentoring Group course evaluation, which will be a unique form.

2. Course Evaluation Dissemination
Faculty will be able to view individual student evaluations of their courses online by one week after the closing of the window for students to fill them out.

IT will provide summary results for each course and for the faculty as a whole. These results as well as the individual evaluations will be accessible to the Academic Affairs Office at all times. The summary results will be available online to faculty by one week after the closing of the window for students to fill evaluations out.

Faculty will include reflection on the results of course evaluations in their summaries of student learning, and will submit those summaries to the Administrative Assistant to the Academic Affairs Office one month after receiving access to their course evaluation summaries.

Faculty serving as Mentoring Group Leaders will access their evaluation results in the same way as regular course evaluations. Results of Mentoring Group Course Evaluations will be accessible to the Director of Mentored Ministries, the Dean of Academic Programs, the Dean of the Faculty, as well as the Mentoring Group Leaders.