Calvin College Computer Lab Regulations

These rules apply to seminarians as well as college students.

  1. You must carry with you your Calvin ID and show it to the person in charge before using a computer.
  2. If you use a laptop computer, you must use the printing station instead of plugging directly into the network printers.
  3. Seminary students may not print documents in the College computer lab.

Calvin Theological Seminary Computer Regulations

Computers are provided for use by students in the computer lab in the seminary building and in Hekman Library as a privilege to assist the educational activities of Seminary students. The following rules apply to the use of all seminary-owned computers and other technological resources that are made available to students.

1. Use of student computers is restricted to students enrolled in Calvin Theological Seminary, members of the faculty and staff, part-time instructors, and occasionally other people to whom a password is given. Except when specifically authorized by the Academic Affairs Office, use of student computers by anyone else is prohibited.

2. Priorities for computer use that apply at all times to all users

a. The use of resources for the study of biblical languages is the highest priority on student computers. If necessary, students needing to work with the biblical languages resources may ask other students using different resources to give them access to the computer.

b. The academic use of computers takes precedence over recreational use. Recreational use of computers includes playing games and non-academic use of Internet resources, e-mail accounts, and other computer programs.

3. Prohibited activities – not inclusive

a. Any activity which violates a federal or state law or regulation.

b. Viewing sexually explicit material or material containing full or partial nudity on the Internet on any Calvin computer is regarded as unacceptable in the light of the Calvin Theological Seminary Student Conduct Code. Attempts to access such sites may be recorded and monitored by the seminary. Students needing access to such materials for research purpose may request permission to view them from the faculty member supervising the research.

c. The following activities are also prohibited in the light of the Calvin Theological Seminary Student Conduct Code: pornography, gambling, the sending of false email.

d. Although Calvin computers may be used to purchase items available online, they may not be used for any commercial purpose for which the Calvin user is the seller or distributor of any good or service.