Academic Support/Services for Students with Disabilities

Academic Support

Academic Support and “screening” by Student Academic Services (SAS) is available to students throughout the duration of their studies at CTS. Some resources available to students include: volunteer note-takers recruited from the class by the instructor, tape-recording of lectures, proofreaders to assist in test taking and tutors provided by CTS, enlarged print materials provided by the instructor upon request, oral exams if necessary by the instructor, reserved front row seating, distraction-free settings for test taking, extended test times, requests not to penalize for spelling errors during in-class writing assignments as opposed to out of class writing assignments, and closed-captioned films/videos are all provided by instructor, if possible. In addition, the Services to Students with Disabilities office also provides coaching and tape recordings of textbooks.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Calvin Theological Seminary is committed to be welcoming and supportive to students with disabilities. The seminary works in conjunction with Calvin College’s Services to Students with Disabilities (on the same campus) in its efforts to provide students with disabilities services that equalize their chances for success and support their full participation in all of the seminary’s programs with dignity and independence.