Info for Churches

The purpose of this page is to provide information for CRCNA congregations wanting to make early contact with prospective candidates. Congregations are free to explore the possibility of calling a prospective candidate. Our students understand that this exploration is likely part of a congregation’s overall search process and will not lead to final commitments from either congregation or candidate before synod has officially declared students to be candidates for ministry in the CRCNA.

Calvin Theological Seminary offers the following options for churches to make contact with prospective candidates:

  1. The church may send a brief statement describing their church, its ministry and what they are seeking in a pastor. This brief statement should include contact information. This must be sent via e-mail as an attachment to Karlene Werner. We will send this statement out to prospective candidates, indicating the church’s interest in exploring the possibility of calling a candidate.
  2. Along with #1, we encourage churches to send their current church profile and a link to your website. This must be sent as an e-mail attachment, too. The church may choose to send any other information (via regular mail) that they think might be helpful for prospective candidates to consider. This information will be made available to prospective candidates.
  3. If there are prospective candidates about whom you have heard promising things and you want the candidate(s) to contact you, let Karlene know this, too. We will relay this request to the candidate. However, we will leave it up to the candidate to respond to this request.
  4. If your church is within driving distance of the seminary, we invite you to offer possible dates for interested candidates to lead worship/preach. This has proven to be an effective way of helping churches and candidates get to know each other and explore the possibility of a call. You may choose to specify the types of persons that you are willing to consider (e.g. Canadian/U.S., older/younger, solo/staff, male/female, etc.). We will make available to candidates whatever information that you have sent to us (see #1 and #2), and offer the dates for preaching that you have indicated. If there are candidates whom you want us to approach on your behalf with this request, you may supply their names to us and we will convey your request. If you are interested in this option, please email The Office of Mentored Ministries. They will facilitate contact for you with the prospective candidates who respond to your invitation.
  5. Another option for churches within a reasonable driving distance of Calvin Seminary is for those churches to schedule a time to visit the seminary and meet with interested candidates at the seminary. To further explore this option, please contact Karlene via e-mail.
  6. The Pastor Church Relations Office posts some basic information about prospective candidates on their website by the end of March. This information may be helpful to churches in sorting out the candidates that they wish to pursue. Their website also provides basic contact information.
  7. Churches may request the profiles of candidates by name from the Pastor Church Relations Office, too. These profiles are available in May.


Calvin Theological Seminary trusts that these ways of facilitating contact between congregations of the CRCNA and prospective candidates can help all parties discern God’s leading.