Hekman Library

Theological Division
The resources of the Hekman Library are fully described on the library home page library.calvin.edu. The collection of theological books designated by the letters BL to BX is a part of the total library holdings of Calvin College and Seminary. This collection is kept on the fourth floor of the library and is particularly oriented for seminary use. The current religious periodicals are located near the reference area of the theological division. All bound religious periodicals are shelved with the books according to their subject classification. The Theological Reference section is also located on the fourth floor. The

library also has extensive digital holdings of books and periodicals, all of
which are available through the library catalog.

  1. Library Hours

    The regular hours of service are:

    • Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to midnight.
    • Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    • Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    • Sunday closed.

    Summer hours are:

    • Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m (closing earlier the last two full weeks of August).
    • Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    • Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    • Sunday closed.

    Special closings of the library or additional hours are posted in advance at points of entry and at the circulation desk.

  2. Circulation
    1. Loan Periods

      The regular borrowing time for books is 2 weeks, but seminary students may borrow books for 4 weeks and may renew them once (unless someone else has requested a book and placed a “hold” on it). The library can recall a book 2 weeks after it has been borrowed, if someone else has requested it. Recalled books should be returned as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days after recall.

      All books are charged out at the circulation desk on the second or third floor. The maximum number of books that may be borrowed is 50.

    2. Reserve Books

      Certain books are placed on reserve at the request of the course instructor. Reserve books must be requested at the circulation desk.

      There are four types of reserve books.

      1. Two-hour reserve books are to be used in the library building only, except that they may be taken out 2 hours before closing time and are due back at 9:00 a.m. the next day that the library is open.
      2. One-day reserve books must be returned 24 hours from the time they are checked out.
      3. Three-day reserve books may be taken out for the specified period and may be renewed once if there has been no request for them.
      4. One week reserve books. May also be renewed once. All reserve books should be returned to the second floor circulation desk.
  3. Fines

    There is a three day grace period. Fines for overdue books are $1.00 per book on the fourth day and $0.25 per book each additional day.

    For reserve books: 3-day and one week reserves-$0.50 per day; 1-day and 2-hour reserves-$0.50 for the first hour and $0.25 for subsequent hours.

  4. Renewals

    Books can be renewed electronically, through the library catalog, WebCat.

  5. Lost Books

    A lost book should be reported immediately to the circulation desk. Unless this is done, fines will accumulate. If the book is not found, the borrower will be charged a replacement cost of $50.00. If the book is found later and returned, a refund will be made, unless a replacement copy has already been purchased.

  6. Catalogs/Electronic Resources
  7. The online catalog (WebCat) contains bibliographic records for each book and journal contained in the Calvin Library. This database can be searched by author, title, subject, or keyword, and is easily accessible online from on- and off-campus.
  8. Hekman Library subscribes to more than 120 electronic research databases. Among them are the ATLA Religion Database (including the ATLAS full-text database), Religious and Theological Abstracts, Catholic Periodical Literature Index, Christian Periodical Index, JSTOR, Early English Books Online, and Eighteenth Century Collections Online. All of these databases can be access through the library home page from anywhere on-campus. Students, faculty, and staff can access all of the databases from off-campus, using a username and password issued by the library.
  9. There is also a Christian Reformed Church Periodicals Index listing articles that have appeared in The Banner, The Calvin Theological Seminary FORUM, The Reformed Journal, The Outlook (Torch and Trumpet), and other periodicals of immediate significance to the Christian Reformed Church. This is accessible from the A-Z Index of the library home page (library.calvin.edu) under “Christian Reformed Periodical Index.”. The Hekman Library Sermon Index, an index of printed sermons from the patristic period to the present day is similarly available.
  10. The Theological Librarian maintains an online guide to library resources in religion and theology at http://libguides.calvin.edu/religion.
  11. Carrels

    A number of carrels and lockers are available for seminary student use in the theological section of the Hekman Library. Contact the theological librarians on the fourth floor to reserve a carrel. The library staff reserves the right to search the lockers to retrieve library books not checked out.

  12. Special Collections
    1. Calvinism Collection

      The Calvinism Collection is located in the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies, south of the theological division on the fourth floor. It includes the works of John Calvin, books on Calvin and Calvinism, the Calvin Article File, and the Calvin rare book collection. The Calvinism Collection is for use in the library only. (The Calvin Article file can be searched by using the “Calvinism Resources Database,” accessible through the Hekman Library home page.)

    2. Heritage Hall

      This collection consists of papers and documents dealing with the history of the Christian Reformed Church in North America and of other Christian Reformed Church agencies. It is located on the second floor of the library.

  13. Master’s Thesis Procedure

    The faculty committee will evaluate the content and style of the thesis. The theological librarian will check the format, such as footnotes and bibliography (according to the latest edition of Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations). The student should consult with the theological librarian while the work is in progress, rather than waiting until the final draft.

    After the faculty committee and the theological librarian have approved the thesis, the following steps need to be followed:

    1. The student will fill out the form “Microfilm Distribution Agreement for TREN” and return it to the theological librarian.
    2. The student will submit two copies of the thesis to the theological librarian. These are to be typed or printed in sufficiently dark print so that they can be microfilmed (laser or other “letter-quality” print). These copies are to be on bond or acid-free paper.
    3. The library will have the thesis microfilmed and will bind the two copies for the library collection.

    (Revised 1998)

  14. Ph.D. Dissertation Procedure

    After having revised the dissertation in the light of the defense, the student must submit the dissertation to both the dissertation supervisor and the theological librarian for final approval. After both the supervisor and the theological librarian have conveyed their written approval to the director of doctoral studies, the director of doctoral studies will inform the student that the final copies may be submitted, as follows:

    1. The student must submit to the director of doctoral studies five copies of the final, approved thesis. The original must be on a laser-quality printer. The other copies may be good-quality photocopies. The final copies must be submitted on acid-free 20-pound white bond paper with not less than 25% rag content. The dissertation must conform to the requirements established by Calvin Theological Seminary.
    2. The student will also submit to the director of doctoral studies a letter that permits the American Theological Library Association to microfilm and make available copies of the dissertation.
    3. A student who wishes to register a claim of U.S. copyright for the dissertation should check with the director of doctoral studies for the proper procedure.
    4. The director of doctoral studies will submit the copies and forms to the theological librarian, who will submit the dissertation for microfilming and binding (three copies for the library, one for the dissertation supervisor, and one for the seminary faculty room).

    (Revised 1999)

  15. Archives Access Policy

    Access to certain, non-public records in the Calvin Theological Seminary archive collection (including, but not limited to: meeting minutes, memoranda, correspondence, committee and board documents, and transcripts, personnel files, etc.) requires the written permission of the seminary administration. Requests to the seminary administration must state the purpose for which the access is requested and the intended dissemination of any writings or publications that may result from it.In general, these access restrictions are made to protect the identity, confidentiality, and/or privacy or people whose names appear in these records.

    Prior to the deaths of the principals mentioned in the records, access will be permitted to such records only under the following provisions:

    1. The researcher will not indicate, or cause to be indicated, in any notes, written material, presentations, publications, or any form of dissemination the name or identity of any living person mentioned in the records.
    2. The researcher will not make any photocopies, or any other direct copies (through mechanical, photographic, electronic, or any other means), of access restricted records. To ensure that no such copies are made, the Archives will inspect all research material, in hard copy, digital, or any other format, before they may leave the reference room.
    3. The researcher will present to the seminary administration for review and approval a copy of any paper, article, publication, or other material proposed for dissemination before said paper, article, publication, or material is otherwise disseminated. Such copy shall become the property of `the seminary. The decision of the seminary administration is final.
    4. The researcher will indemnify and save harmless the Christian Reformed Church in North America, Calvin College, Calvin Theological Seminary, the Archives, and all officers, agents, and employees thereof, for any costs incurred in defending any civil or criminal litigation, and for any monetary judgements which may result from such litigation stemming from release of confidential information.

    Access to all such records will be granted without restriction seventy-two (72) years after the creation of the records.