What to do in case of a Billing Error

Contact the following people if you find an error in your billing statement.
Note: Rent is due on the 1st of the month. Tuition is due on the 15th of August, October, January, and April. Payments after those dates have a $5.00 late fee. Financial Plans may be offered to Christine Mulka or Philip Vanden Berge before funds are due.

Error Type Who to see for correction of error
Tuition Charge or Credit Joan Beelen, Registrar
Add or Drop of a class Joan Beelen, Registrar
Rent is missing or wrong amount Tim Bruinsma, KSC Properties
Scholarship not on account Jennifer Settergren, Financial Aid
(For ISSF see Don Van Hook X78681)
Scholarship for wrong amount Jennifer Settergren, Assistant to Financial Aid Director
Financial assistance needed Jennifer Settergren, Assistant to Financial Aid Director
Library Fine First - Don VanHook, Chief Accountant then Marilyn Gravengoed, Library
Parking Ticket Campus Safety
Tuition Charge at College If you qualify for a lower tuition rate, first see Joan Beelen, then take her letter with you to the College Financial Services Office. Otherwise, go directly to the College Financial Services Office in Spoelhof
Payment missing or wrong amount Don Van Hook, Chief Accountant
Late fee in error Christine Mulka, Controller or Don Van Hook, Chief Accountant