Financial Services for CTS Staff

For staff, the Financial Services Office (FSO) prepares monthly statements, processes cash receipts, honoraria, expense reimbursements and check requests, and pays bills. Here you can find the forms you need, with information about how to prepare them.

Please address invoice and payment questions to Deb Johnson.


The first stage of obtaining a Faculty Heritage Fund Grant is the “Grant Request”, where a request for the Heritage Fund Grant is sent to the Administrative Committee. This can be done on paper by first downloading the spreadsheet or pdf file, filling it out, printing it, and sending it to the Committee. Otherwise, you can simply fill out the online form.

Once you have been approved to receive a Heritage Fund Grant, you need to print out the spreadsheet or pdf version of the reimbursement form, fill it out, and turn it in with receipts attached to the financial services office.

For more details, read the protocol.


Use this form to prepare an honoraria request. Recipients who are not on payroll at CTS must complete a W9 (pdf) or W8 (pdf) (non U.S persons) to be submitted with the honoraria request.

Check Request

Use this form to request checks for grants, scholarships and stipends.

Expense Reimbursement

Use this form to request reimbursement for expenses accrued for CTS purposes, e.g. mileage, food during travel, books etc.


For each of the vouchers (forms) above, there is a procedure. Use the following checklists to be sure that you have prepared your voucher correctly.

If the invoice is to be remitted with the check to the vendor, you should attach an additional copy when you submit it.

All Vouchers
  • As CTS is a non profit institution, we encourage you to request tax exempt status from the vendor. You may need to provide them with our federal ID number which is: 38-3001876. Please be careful about who you give this to.
  • If the currency is something different than US dollars, mark this clearly on the voucher.
  • Clearly identify the total next to the account number.
  • The person who prepares the form should sign it, and include their telephone extension.
  • The budget officer for the account should also sign the voucher.
  • Make a copy for your own file and turn the originals in to the FSO.
Reimbursements of receipts
  • On the receipt, clearly write the name and address of the establishment.
  • On the reimbursement form, clearly state the business purpose for the expense.
  • List those in attendance (including business relationship and title).
  • Have the superior of the person being reimbursed (or another of similar authority) approve the payment and sign the form.
  • Make copies of the form and receipts for your own files and turn in the originals to the FSO.
Forms for payment recipients (People/businesses who are to receive a grant, scholarship, honorarium or stipend)
    • When preparing a payment check for a person (e.g. stipend, scholarship etc.) check with the FSO that they have one of the following forms on file:
      I-9 (person is on payroll here)
      W-9 (U.S resident not on our payroll)
      W-8 (Non resident alien).
    • For a business:
      W-9 (U.S business)
      W-8 (Non U.S business)
    If they do not have one of those on file, send the recipient the correct form to fill out and return to you.

  • Clearly write the name and address of the check recipient. If the recipient is on payroll at CTS, simply write ‘payroll’ in the address section.
Invoices for payment
  • Submit only the original documents; do not approve statements or remittance copies – statements and remittance copies should be submitted to the FSO.
  • Make sure there is a clear description of each item on the invoice. If not, jot a note on the face of the invoice, or on a separate piece of paper.
  • Have the invoice approved and signed, make a copy for your files, and submit the originals to the FSO.