Wireless Setup Information

Calvin College has graciously provided us with wireless access so seminary users can use college wireless access points. Sometime this summer we hope to have some seminary access points up in the student center and the 4th floor of the library.


All wireless access support for seminary users is provided by the seminary IT department – even for seminary users using the college wireless access points.The college helpdesk will not provide wireless access support for seminary users.

    • Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
    • Mac OS 10.4 or higher

Computers with a different operating systems may possibly connect to airCalvin, however, only Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, and Mac OS 10.4 are supported

  • a laptop with a wireless card with WPA2 Enterprise a, b or g capability
  • a laptop with Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
  • a laptop with Mac OS 10.4 or higher
  • a Calvin Theological Seminary web site username and password

NOTE #1: A recent login to the seminary web site (from any computer) is necessary to set your login information for wireless access. If you logged in to view this page online that has already been taken care of. If you are reading a printed copy of this page and have not recently logged into the web site, you will need to before your wireless access will work.

NOTE #2: The wireless login username will be your web site username plus @calvinseminary.edu.

i.e. websiteusername@calvinseminary.edu. The @calvinseminary.edu is required to login as a seminary user.
The password will be your web site password.

(Ignore the Knightvision password instructions on the setup instructions below – use your seminary web site password.)

TIP #1: Print this page and the PC or Mac setup instructions before starting.

CalvinWireless Instructions