May Term 2012 Registration

Students are not required to take a course during the May Term in order to maintain full-time status in their program. However, certain programs have core courses offered only during the May Term.

Before proceeding with registration for the May Term, read this page carefully. You will be responsible for the information printed here. The May Term 2012 course schedule is now available.

Online registration for the May Term will open on Wednesday, April 11 at 7:00 a.m. and will close on Monday, April 23, at 11:59 p.m. Students graduating in May of 2012 must pay their May Term tuition before they graduate. Other students must pay their May Term tuition no later than May 31.

Although you may still add a May Term course after the registration deadline, you will be assessed a $50 late registration fee.

However, once you are initially registered,, you may change or drop courses online without penalty, following the guidelines on the Tuition Rates and Fees page

Note: Summer internships are registered separately by the Mentored Ministries Office.

All independent studies, major papers and theses for the May Term must be registered by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, May 11, 2012. Failure to do so by the deadline date will result in a $50 late registration fee. See instructions below.

If you need technical assistance in accessing the schedule, contact Seminary IT. If you have questions regarding course eligibility or other non-technical matters, please contact The Registrar’s Office.


First degree students who need to register an independent study or a major paper can pick up the appropriate form from Vanessa Lake, Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs. You must return the form with the necessary signatures to the same office by May 11 at 4:00 p.m.

ThM students who need to register an Independent Study or a Major Paper can download the appropriate form from the Registrar’s Office page on the web site. You will need to bring the necessary paper work, complete with the signature of your study/paper supervisor, to Dr. Avila’s mailbox by 4:00 p.m. on May 11. Although Dr. Avila is on sabbatical, he will review the forms, sign them and submit them.


Most MDiv students in their first year of studies (along with some others) will need to take the course Evangelism and Cross Cultural Ministry (441B). You should take this course only if you are planning to do a cross-cultural internship in the summer of 2012 or are planning a concurrent CC internship in the 2012/2013 academic year. Please note that the course meets for several days in the May-Term and then again for several days in late August.

Most MDiv students in their second year (and some others) will need to take the course Reading Ministry Contexts (430B). You should take this course if you are planning to do a Pastoral Ministry Internship in the summer of 2012, or if you are planning a concurrent PMI in the 2012/2013 academic year. Please note that the course meets for two days during the May-Term and then again for three days in late August.

MDiv students who intend to take the course Preaching Practicum II in the Fall term will need to take the course Preaching Practicum I (433B) this May Term. This is a one credit course and meets for four days in the first week only. You will sign up for either a morning or afternoon section and then you will be placed in groups.

Note: the Fall course was previously named Preaching Practicum (431B) and was three credits. That course no longer exists. The new Fall course (434B) is two credits.

MDiv students who need to meet an OT exegetical requirement may take the course God and the Women and Men of Genesis (515B). Read more about the course and the professor below.

Please pay careful attention to the schedule of courses 641B and 645B!

The course Readings in the Impact of Philosophy on Theology since Kant (881B) can be used as a 1.5 credit Reading course for ThM students. It may also be used as a two credit elective for first degree students.

•The course Contextual Training in Church Planting and Renewal (665B) requires that you have taken the course Basic Training in Church Planting and Renewal (664B).


Note: course descriptions for most courses can be found on the Course Descriptions page

  • God and the Men and Women of the Old Testament (515B)
    taught by Amanda Benckhuysen
    A study of select ancestral narratives in Genesis with respect to their literary shaping, socio-historical context, significance within the larger canon, and history of interpretation for the purpose of better understanding their abiding witness for the Christian community today. Basic exegetical skills and knowledge of Hebrew are assumed
  • Theology and Practice of Pastoral Ministry (690B)
    Taught by Professors Kathy Smith and Duane KeldermanThis course meets the first week of June, and is open to pastors and church leaders as well.
    The central thesis of this course is that strong pastoral identity is the key to sustaining pastoral excellence. Today’s church has witnessed a breakdown of consensus regarding the role of the pastor. This course is a study of the theology and practice of pastoral ministry with a view to creatively and critically engaging changing views of the church and its ministry in our contemporary culture, and enhancing the practice of pastoral ministry. The course will integrate this theological understanding of pastoral ministry with the basic practices of pastoral ministry: worship, preaching, teaching, evangelism, pastoral care, and a particular emphasis on congregational leadership.

During the May Term, three Skill Development Courses will be offered. Each course is one credit, and it is recommended that you audit the course. The three course options are:

  • Hebrew Review (490B)- due to the nature of this course, you cannot get credit in your program.  This course is required for some and open to all.  The course reviews key material learned in Hebrew Usage and Tools (401B), including a review of the verbal system, basic syntax, and analysis of clauses.
  • Greek Review (491B)- due to the nature of this course, you cannot get credit in your program.  The May term review is geared primarily for students who have just taken the Greek courses but need or desire more training in the significance of grammatical distinctions and the reading of the Greek New Testament text. Others who want more experience in Greek grammar and reading are also welcome to register for this course.
  • Proclaiming Texts Using the Arts (475B)- Introduces the various ways art proclaims the Word through image, architecture, and visual elements of worship. We will explore a biblical approach to the visual as integral in multi-sensory proclamation, examine historical developments, and discover how art in worship speaks theologically today.
    This course will meet a Skill Development requirement for the MA:Worship students, but is open to all.

Rev. Kevin Adams (665B) is pastor of Granite Springs Church in Lincoln, CA.  Kevin has been involved in church planting from the very beginning of his ministry, and has been actively connected to Calvin Seminary.

Dr. Amanda Benckhuysen (515B) is Assistant Professor of Old Testament at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.  She has her MDiv degree from Calvin Seminary.

Ms. Betsy Steele-Halstead (475B) is a familiar face around the seminary.  She is the Resource Specialist for Visual Arts at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, as well as the Continuing Ed Events Manager of Calvin Seminary and also the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.  Betsy has a particular interest in the integration of theology and the arts.

Rev. Dr.  Peter Kang (841BT) is pastor of All Nations Church, Lakeview Terrace, CA and serves as an adjunct Professor of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary.  He also serves as Professor of Missions at Vine University.

Rev. Duane Kelderman (690B) is no stranger to many of us, as he was very recently served as the VP of Administration at Calvin Seminary.  He is currently a consulting partner at Venture International LLC and will serve as an interim minister of preaching La Grave CRC beginning in September.

Ms. Sarah Schreiber (490B) is a Ph.D. student at the University Of Notre Dame, and a MDiv graduate of Calvin Seminary.

Ronald vander Griend (441B) serves as Vice President of Development at Mission India, and is teaching missions courses at Calvin Seminary this year.

Rev. Cecil van Neijenhuis (430B) is Education Specialist for CRC Pastor-Church Relations and served for many years as a pastor in the Christian Reformed Church.