Guidelines for Candidacy Sermon Preparation

The CC desires to impress upon those applying for candidacy to the ministry in the Christian Reformed Church, the importance of satisfactory sermonic material. The following requirements become guidelines for the preparation of sermons and also for judging the acceptability of the sermon.


  • The candidate shall submit three (3) double-spaced manuscript copies of the assigned sermon text (ask Chloe King for text if you don’t have one). Please feel free to adjust the assigned pericope (either more verses or fewer verses) as you judge appropriate. Please inform email hidden; JavaScript is required of any such adjustments.
    1. The sermon shall include the following supporting materials:
      1. An exegetical study to include word study, grammar, and contextual analysis (minimum of two pages).
      2. A summary of the major moves of the sermon[ (what some would call an outline) minimum of one page].
      3. List of commentaries consulted.
    2. The sermon shall meet the following criteria:
      1. Sermons will be judged by the standards set forth in the Faculty Working Statement on the Nature of Excellence in Preaching.
      2. Sermons should be typed, double-spaced, printed with no less than one inch of margin all around, and 12 pt. font size.
      3. Sermons should be faced with a title page, giving the title or theme; the textual reference; the author’s name; and the date.
      4. All pages, exclusive of the title page, must be numbered – 1,2,3, etc.
      5. The minimum length of the manuscript is 2,000 words.
  • The candidate shall also submit three (3) double-spaced manuscript copies of a sermon from a text of his/her choice. The sermon of choice must be based on a text from the testament of the Bible other than the assigned text. Points A. and B. under I. also apply to this sermon of choice.
    1. The sermon shall be one prepared for and delivered in public worship.
    2. The sermon shall not be one prepared for and delivered as a class assignment.
  • The assigned sermon must also be submitted on DVD of such quality that the evaluator can evaluate the student’s delivery readily. Two copies of the assigned sermon, on two DVDs are required with the sermon manuscripts.
  • The above requirements must be fulfilled by January 25 of the year in which candidacy is applied for. All materials must be submitted to email hidden; JavaScript is required.


PLEASE be sure to type out both texts in their entirety as part of the sermon manuscript. Also, DENOTE WHICH OF THE TWO IS THE ASSIGNED TEXT! Do not put sermons in folders. Please staple in upper left corner.

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