Candidacy in the CRCNA


Applying for Candidacy for Ordained Ministry in the CRCNA
In order to be a Minister of the Word in the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA), students must meet the synodical requirements for candidacy, must have demonstrated academic, personal, and professional readiness for ministry, and must ordinarily have a cumulative GPA of 2.85.

As the seminary of the CRCNA, Calvin Theological Seminary is charged with offering a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) degree that meets the ministry standards set by Synod. Through its candidacy committee, faculty and board, Calvin Seminary also offers the Ecclesiastical Program for Ministerial Candidacy (EPMC), a candidacy program approved by synod and especially designed for students studying at other seminaries.

The links below contain valuable information about the candidacy process in general and candidacy requirements in particular. If you have further questions about the candidacy program of the CRCNA, you can contact email hidden; JavaScript is required or email hidden; JavaScript is required Calvin Seminary candidacy committee chairperson.
General Information

Candidacy Application Process 2014-15
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  • Candidacy Applicant List: Due after September 23, no later than December 14, 2014. It is very important to get your name on the Candidacy Applicant List so that you receive important candidacy information throughout the months leading up to synod. Please e-mail email hidden; JavaScript is required and inform her of your desire to apply for candidacy. As soon as you notify us that you wish to apply for candidacy you will be assigned a text for your candidacy sermon.
  • Biographical Sketch: (due by January 9, 2015) Fill out online.
  • Authorization to Release Information: Due by January 9, 2015. Students must print off, sign and return (hard copy or fax) this document to email hidden; JavaScript is required .
  • Two sermons: (due January 22, 2015 turn in to TBD) Three copies of the sermon manuscript (typed double-spaced) on the assigned text, three copies of the sermon manuscript from a text of the student’s choice (not one written for class work)Two DVDs of the assigned-text sermon only, ideally from an actual worship service. Check each one to make sure the quality is good and that your entire sermon is there. Guidelines for sermon prep
  • Council Recommendation: (due February 20, 2015) This form is to be completed by either the minister or the clerk of the council. Forward this form to the church either electronically or in hard copy.
  • Faith Journey – Christian Commitment: What I Believe and How I Got There.: (due February 20, 2015) A one-page statement should be sent as an email attachment to email hidden; JavaScript is required.
  • Statement of Reason: (due February 20, 2015) A one-paragraph statement of reason for seeking candidacy should be sent as an email attachment to email hidden; JavaScript is required.
  • Minister’s Profile: (due February 20, 2015) The Minister’s Profile provides important information to the Ministerial Information Service, a denominational service that facilitates the exchange of information between pastors and congregations looking for pastors. Even if you already know where you will be serving you are still encouraged to complete this profile for future information sharing. Congregations regularly ask the Ministerial Information Service for information on specific pastors and can be better served by having the information on you provided by this profile.  This form can be obtained at the CRCNA Website. Please return the completed form to email hidden; JavaScript is required.
  • Photograph: (due February 20, 2015) Information regarding the photo that will appear in The Banner and booklet for Synod.
  • The denominational candidacy interviews will be held on date TBD, spring 2015.

Candidacy Process

All students aspiring to be ministers of the Word in the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) are part of the candidacy process at Calvin Theological Seminary. Students often have questions about the Candidacy Committee–Who is on it? What does it do? What is its relationship to Mentoring Group leaders? How are psychological assessments used by Mentoring Group leaders and the Candidacy Committee? Read Everything students always wanted to know about the candidacy process (pdf) for a serious, but playful, discussion of an important part of the seminary journey for students bound for CRC ministry.

Psychological Assessment Program

All M.Div. and M.A. students participate in a psychological assessment early in their seminary program. Read The Psychological Assessment Program (pdf) document for an explanation of the psychological assessment process and various follow up activities that may be recommended by psychologists.