DL Teaching Resources

Information to help you teach a distance learning course at CTS… 

  1. General Info
    1. Office Hours at a Distance
    2. Preparation for Intensives
    3. Proctored Exams
    4. Workload Calculation for Online Assignments
  2. Information for Fall 2014
    1. Semester Schedule: Breakdown of weeks during the semester.
    2. Intensive Schedule: On-Campus Sessions (10/15–10/23).
    3. Intensive Planning Consultation: Let us help you prepare for the intensive.
  3. Pedagogical Resources
    1. The 3–2–1 Formula: On engaging student discussions.
    2. Prompting Student Responses: On guiding student discussions.
    3. Strategies for Moderating Online Discussions: Some practical suggestions.
    4. Resources from Faculty Workshops: Handouts, notes, and readings.
    5. Youtube Video: “Eight Lessons Learned from Teaching Online”
  4. Canvas Tips & Tricks
    1. Canvas Basics: Logging in, posting syllabus, etc.
  5. Faculty Seminar Outlines & Handouts

If you have any questions not answered by the resources listed above, please do not hesitate to contact Peter (email hidden; JavaScript is required), Nathan (email hidden; JavaScript is required), or email hidden; JavaScript is required.