Basic Course Setup in Canvas

Logging in

Click on Canvas, either under resources or the right sidebar.

Log in with your user name and password.

Posting the Syllabus

Hover over Courses and select your course.

Click Syllabus.

Click Edit Syllabus Description.


Click Files.

Click Upload  a new file.

Select you file and click Upload.

A link to your document will be inserted. (If not, click on the file name and a link should be inserted.)

Click Update Syllabus.

You should now see a link to the document.

Setting up Assignment Submissions (“Dropboxes”)

Click Assignments.

Click Add an Assignment.

Enter the name, due date, and point value of the assignment, then click more options. (You can also click more options right away and enter the info on the next screen.)

Type a description of the assignment. Open the Submission options dropdown menu.

Click “Allow File Uploads.” Click Update Assignment.

Setting the Course Home Page

You may want the Syllabus page to be the home page of your course (i.e. the first thing students see when they click on the course). To enable this, click Home.

Click Change Home Page Layout.

Select “the Assignments with Syllabus.” Click Update Layout.

Your course home page is now the Syllabus page, which contains a link to the Syllabus and a table of assignments.

Publishing the Course

Click “published.”

Click Publish Course.