Courses Open to Visitors


Calvin Seminary welcomes visitors to some courses offered each session. We hope these will be opportunities for community members to interact with students and faculty of the Seminary, learn along with them, and enjoy a unique educational opportunity. There are no prerequisites to attend or requirements to complete. … [Read more...]

Distance M.Div. coming Fall 2012

Distance M.Div.

We are working to bring Calvin Seminary to you via a Distance M.Div. option! – a program you can complete mostly online from afar with some on-campus components. For 135 years, CTS has been serving the church with a rich tradition of Reformed theological training. Now you can join the community of faith at CTS while staying rooted in your local home community. Grow … [Read more...]

Third Consultation on Bible Software


Invited guests will discuss best practices and the future of Bible software use in the classroom and pastorate. Participants are coming from Europe, South Africa, and North America. Speakers include: Carl J. Bosma, Christo van der Merwe, Dean Deppe, Tom Wolthuis, Oliver Glanz, Jim Coakley, Harold Kime, Nicolai Winther-Nielsen, and Darwin Glassford. … [Read more...]

Ministry Theorem Website


Committed to helping churches engage the wonders of science in the life of the church. The Ministry Theorem seeks to remind pastors and other leaders in the church that an appreciation of science lies deep within the Reformed tradition as well as within the Christian tradition generally. From a biblical-theological standpoint, Christians rightly view science as a … [Read more...]

Worship at CTS


Receive daily strength from living in a Spirit-filled community. Chapel is a wonderful opportunity for our community to worship God together. The format and style of chapels vary greatly--from meditations to testimonies to services of song and prayer, from organ to band to piano, from very quiet, contemplative chapels to exuberant, joyfully noisy (Ps. 100) chapels. Chapels … [Read more...]

Feedback on Website Redesign


As we make progress on our website redesign, we'd love to hear what you think. Please note that during the time of transition to our new website, the entirety of the previous CTS website will continue to be online and available. … [Read more...]

Church Planters or Undertakers? Part 2

Opening Convocation 2011 Jul Medenblik Address to Opening Convocation at Calvin Theological Seminary on Sept. 7, 2011. download mp3 … [Read more...]

Church Planters or Undertakers?

Opening Convocation 2010 Carl Bosma Address to Opening Convocation at Calvin Theological Seminary on Sept. 8, 2010. download mp3 … [Read more...]

Exciting Changes at CTS

Students Reflect on a Year of Transition On October 16, 2008, Forum talked to seminary students Sarah Steen Schreiber and Phillip Westra and recent graduate John Lee about the new M.Div. curriculum introduced in this issue. The conversation was moderated by Kathy Smith, Director of Continuing Education and Forum committee member, who began by asking the students about … [Read more...]

The Self-Reflective Teacher in Christian Ministry

Six Questions to Re-invigorate Our Teaching John Witvliet It’s true for nurses, plumbers, seminary professors, and workers of all kinds: some of the most promising approaches to our work come to us after a day that didn’t go so well. As we walk or drive home, cook supper, and tuck our children in bed, we ponder how we could have done it better. Some of the best cures … [Read more...]