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Testimonial by Louis M. and Jean Tamminga

TammingaWhen I entered Calvin Seminary (1954) I had been in the US only a few years. I still was a stranger. This country was so immense. The Seminary became a home of sorts to me. The professors didn’t fall all over us immigrant students, but they were kind, interested, helpful, and they were fellow-believers.

In the Seminary one could sense the heart of the CRC. Through the Seminary I grew to love the CRC and God’s Word. I also found friends who became fellow-preachers of the gospel.

Through the years I regularly visited Grand Rapids. I think that I never pictured the city without the Seminary. I nearly always stopped by for a visit. Of the professors during those times, only Professor Karl Kromminga is still alive. I have fond memories of him. The Lord also provided other professors, and they, too, served with distinction. I feel connected with the Seminary. As in life, so in my parting days, I think it is fit that the Seminary remains near. What better way than to give it a modest place in my will.

Louis M. and Jean Tamminga – Grand Rapids, Michigan